Midwest Dental Sleep Center

Excellence In Dental Sleep Medicine

  • We are dedicated to increasing awareness of the medical, psychological and social issues related to snoring and Sleep Apnea.
  • We believe in informing, educating and empowering our patients.
  • We collaborate with our patient’s team of medical professionals to identify the most effective treatment(s) available.
  • We decrease barriers to treatment.
  • We provide excellent patient support and follow-up.
  • We are compassionate to the way in which snoring and Sleep Apnea affects the lives of our patients and their loved ones.
  • We promote open communication with our staff and providers to answer your questions quickly, whether by phone, email, fax, SMS text messaging or through our Patient Portal.

As you browse this site, you will find myriad links to external references. Our staff are continually searching for the best ways to help you and your loved ones combat snoring and Sleep Apnea. As we find pertinent information, we want to make it available to you to help you make educated decisions about your condition. To jump to the "links" section of our website, click here.